Tayside House Late Working

We will be carring out a series of late night working at Tayside House.

Please see Tayside House Demolition Leaflet 18 06 13 for information. Although it applied to the works currently being carried out there is a strong possibility these works will be repeated next week.

We are sorry for any inconvienince this may cause to you and we appreciate your cooperation.

Many thanks,

Community Liaison Team

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Photographs of the recent progress onsite

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Arrival of High Reach Demolition Machine

Safedem are proud to announce that they have recently purchased a new high reach demolition machine which will be arriving at Tayside House to allow accelerated demolition from 10th floor down.

The machine will be an iconic element of the second phase of the demolition works and is currently programmed to arrive on site on the 2nd May.

It is anticipated that the high reach work will commence approximately 1 week after delivery of the machine.

We will upload pictures of the machine once it arrives onsite.

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Deconstruction Photographs

Break-out panels complete on the Office Tower and Northernmost upper elevation of the Service Tower removed.

Please see more pictures of the deconstruction in our Gallery

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Demolition Update Leaflet

Please see our Tayside House Demolition Update Leaflet

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Scaffolding has now been fully erected around the whole building.

Deconstruction of the building is about to begin. We plan to deconstruct the building on a floor-by-floor basis using small robotic breakers. These machines are operated remotely, rather than operators sitting in a cab. Walls, floors, beams and columns will be broken up in sequence, lowered to ground level via controlled drop zones and loaded at ground level for taking away.

The works will start at roof level and will see the building brought down from 18-storeys to a height at which we can safely switch to conventional machine demolition.

Safedem has extensive expertise using this method of demolition, most recently at a former department store in Princes Street, Edinburgh.

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Progress Update

The erection of scaffolding to Tayside House is well underway and we expect completion by the beginning of September. We will then start the deconstruction of the building.

Internally we are removing all upper floor plant rooms and services and creating internal drop zones in preparation for deconstruction.

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Progress Update

We have now completed the demolition of the The Podium Block and site clearance is underway. Dundee City Council will now carryout road realignment works to Dock Street, Crichton Street and Whitehall Crescent

The soft strip in Tayside House is well underway and we have successfully stripped 16 floors.

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Walkway Removal

The Removal of the walkway leading from the podium block to Tayside House is now completely removed and the demolition of the podium block is well underway.

To facilitate the podium demolition we have had to temporary close the Pavement on Dockstreet Directly beside the block. We have Safedem personnel directing pedestrians and traffic. We expect the pavement to be reopened by 3.30 pm today.

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Overnight Working – Update

We have finished our works ahead of schedule for this week. Our Noisy works to the Bridge removal are now complete and we no longer require to extend the works into this evening. So noisy works will cease until Tuesday the 19th.

We appreciate your understanding and accommodating attitude during this unavoidable disruption.


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